Cassandra & Graham

         We are parents of five children, We are in our early 50's living in Bonville (near Coffs Harbour ). We love sharing my time and ideas with people as well as working on new projects. This is why this blog was born.
         As a housewife, I do my best to look after my family who consist of Graham, my husband, and my daughter Skye and our four sons, Andrew, Thomas, Scott and Christopher so notably in our 20 years together preparing so many different dishes for variety my cooking skills were put to work. Gardening is also another of my favourite activities. While I am not working at home, I spend many hours working for some charity organizations that I am involved in.
          Graham and I would of loved to discover the world but unfortunately we can’t for the moment so we are trying to travel through another way.           
Here is our motto:-   “if we cannot travel the world, we will bring the world to us”.         
          We decided to discover new cultures in welcoming people from overseas to join our family. We enjoy these cultural exchanges so much and we try to give back to them an Aussie experience through genuine Aussie recipes and experiences. I have been encouraged by many helpers to create a blog for making them able to recreate our Aussie dishes while overseas. I hope this blog will be of help to anyone intending to cook or rediscover our real Aussie recipes.
         The purpose of this blog is to share Aussie recipes with anyone and keep my friends from all over the world updated on changes that have occurred since they left. This blog is an interactive platform so please feel free to leave comments.
           We hope that you will enjoy.
                                            Cassandra & Graham


  1. Good! I will follow this blog and take some recipes! ;)

  2. Here is the blog of a gorgeous cook! I tried most of the recipes of September 2013... highly recommended! Many thanks Cassandra :o)

    1. Thank you Sylvain I am glad that you enjoyed our food.

  3. Hello, "Yummy Mom", David and Hera here!!! :)