Monday, 30 December 2013

Vegetable Garden - December 2013

Sylvain the corn is ready to eat
 Sylvain it was so nice
The corn patch being pulled out
 Johanne & Sabire the beans are ready to eat
 Chilli Plant
 Johanne & Sabire Vege Garden
 Johanne & Sabire carrots nearly ready to eat
 Johanne & Sabire Beetroot ready to pick
 Johanne & Sabire Beetroot picked and has been pickled now
  Johanne & Sabire Silverbeet which we have been eating
Egg Plant slowly growing
 Justine cucumbers & Rockmelons going well
Justine cucumbers & Rockmelons
 Jonah the pumpkins are really starting to grow
Jonah the gramma plants are starting to flower
 Sylvain the Gramma is nearly ready to pick
Rosella Plants out in flower

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